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  • Fast Implementations of 30 days or less
  • No upfront capital expenditure
  • Cost Savings of 40-60%
  • Unique process guarantees over 99.5% accuracy!
  • Easy to do business with

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MedValue provides Paper Claims-to-EDI Conversion Services for Physician Management Services Organizations and IPAs who are overburdened by mountains of Paper Claims.

Simple and affordable, MedValue's turnkey solution for paper claims administration cuts claims processing costs, improves accuracy of paper claims adjudication, enhances productivity of claims examiners and archives paper claims for easy and convenient access anytime through an intuitive and secure web interface.

Electronic Claims that go through a Clearinghouse service can often account for 50% of HCFA 1500s and UB-92s that our clients receive.

MedValue's Paper Claims-to-EDI Conversion Services enables Claims Administration Departments to eliminate paper and populate their Adjudication System without requiring manual data entry at their end.

MedValue's Paper Claims-to-EDI Conversion Services provides our clients' two key capabilities:

   1. Converts paper HCFA-1500 and UB-92 claims and stores them electronically in our web-based Document Management System (DMS) for easy retrieval at any time from any PC connected to the Internet.

   2. Converts the paper claim into a standard EDI stream (NSF 2.0 or 837 format), similar to that which claims departments receive for electronic claims from Providers through their clearinghouse.

Our Paper Claims Conversion Services is simple. All you require is one office assistant at the end of the day for an hour or two to scan HCFAs and UB-92s.

By the start of the next business day, your IT/EDI staff will receive an electronic file (in either the NSF 2.0 or 837 or a format of your choice) that will be imported into your claims system (such as EZ Cap or IDX). Additionally, your Claims Staff will be able to search and retrieve all paper claims at the click of a mouse through an elegant web interface to our secure and HIPAA compliant Document Management System.

We store images of your paper HCFAs for six months on-line on our servers and then burn the data onto CDs and ship them to you for easy storage at the office.

No more handling of paper. Our solution is fast and easy to use. With overnight turnaround of Claims data and secure, instant access to Paper Claim images from anywhere 24*7, you gain improved productivity from your people.

Pricing and Return on Investment:
And the best part is, it's very affordable and does not require clients to invest in Hardware, Software or their internal IT resources.

MedValue clients are saving between 40%-60% of their fully loaded paper claims processing cost by using MedValue's Paper Claims Conversion Utility. With MedValue's assistance, MSOs that had 8 claims examiners to process 8000 claims per week, require only 3 claims representatives to adjudicate paper claims because they no longer are required to perform manual data entry of paper claims before starting the adjudication process.


  • Eliminates handling of Paper Claims

  • Cuts Paper Claims Processing Costs by 40-60%

  • Archive, Search, and easily Retrieve Paper Claims at the click of a mouse

  • Improves accuracy of Paper Claims Adjudication

  • Improves HIPAA and CMS compliance for audit trails and paper claims tracking

  • Reduces storage costs

  • Improves turnaround times for processing

MedValue - A  leader in front end of HCFA, UB and, Dental Claims Data Entry and Processing, converting both paper and electronic claims to EDI, Scanning and Indexing Services.