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The United States has, for the past few years, been pursuing a complete conversion of paper records to electronic counterparts that can be accessed via the Internet. This is actually a good thing for both physicians and patients, as well as other members of healthcare organizations. Electronic records are easier to search, update, manage and deliver. However, they're not very easy to convert, with extensive data entry requirements and long hours required of healthcare professionals.

Outsourced Document Conversion Services are a Better Option

MedValue provides the ability to outsource the process of document conversion. This can actually help to speed up the process and allow businesses to enjoy full conversion far sooner than they would have if they had continued using in-house staff members. It also relieves a significant burden from the organization's employees, allowing them to focus more on patient care and satisfaction than on document conversation services and the long road to a paperless experience.

Best of all, each MedValue staff member has been thoroughly trained in a number of proprietary software applications that are used to convert documents from their paper form to an electronic counterpart. That means they're ready to immediately work with any business, filling in the existing gaps and boosting productivity levels with virtually no additional training. With federal stimulus dollars on the line, and a number of Affordable Care Act provisions coming into effect, this is an option that businesses need to seriously consider in order to remain compliant in the future.

A Big Difference when Choosing MedValue

Choosing MedValue when outsourcing the document conversion process allows clients to enjoy personalized attention and quicker results. MedValue has long been one of the best companies to choose when outsourcing any number of critical services, and that's because we understand how to bridge the gap between American companies and our India-based staff members.

With our services, clients won't feel as if there's a big gap between in-house staff and those overseas. A personalized approach, combined with regular updates and web-based management tools, allows our clients to be heavily involved in the process. They'll be greatly rewarded for their outsourced efforts, as well, with higher levels of productivity and greater affordability from the moment the transition is complete.

If an outsourced approach to document conversion sounds like a good idea, be sure to give us a call as soon as possible. We'll quickly begin planning the transition from an in-house operation to one based in our own facilities.

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