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MedValue's Claims Support Services

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MedValue's Claims Support Services for TPAs and MSOs are designed to improve adjudication turnaround times, reduce costs and improve accuracy. As cost pressures abound throughout the healthcare industry, and cost containment continues to be of critical focus, MedValue is continuously developing cost-effective solutions to meet your unique challenges.

Whether you are seeking to speed up the claims adjudication process to meet your contractual obligations, or cut the high cost of manual data entry with leading edge technology and low cost offshore resources, MedValue's services are customized to work within your unique organization.

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How We Do It
Because we focus on making Claims processing more efficient, faster and more affordable, our Processes deliver faster and more accurate results than if you do it yourself.

99.5% Accuracy
MedValue's proprietary 3 OCR engines and voting algorithm is a vast improvement over traditional manual data entry. Our system compares OCR output with manual output. If there is a discrepancy, it is instantly flagged and delivered to our Quality Assurance department for review of the original files and makes the required changes.

Rapid Turnaround Times
We are serious about rapid turnaround of your files. Our commitment to you is 36 hours. If we recieve your data Monday evening by 6p (pst) you will have received it ready for inload into your claims adjudication system by Wednesday, 8a (pst).

Document Management System
MedValue DMS™ enables your team to scan and capture paper claims and their attachments with any scanning device. MedValue then indexes your claims and their attachments by various data elements which enables your team to search and retrieve all the claim images and their attachments.

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The Benefits to You

With MedValue's Claims Support Services, you will save significant time and money. You will also experience higher levels of accuracy of Claims Adjudication. And as your organization grows, MedValue will be there as your trusted partner to make sure you have the highly skilled resources without having to hire, train and motivate expensive, ineffective employees.

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For TPAs - Claims Support Services

With MedValue's Paper Claims-to-EDI utility, TPAs improve their profits by reducing the cost of processing claims.
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For MSOs - Claims Support Services
MSOs handle many functions for their Clients. With MedValue as their Claims Support partner, MSOs cuts their costs,improve turnaround times and more.
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