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MedValue Healthcare Outsourcing Services

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It's no secret that the healthcare industry is booming in the United States, as everyone from health insurance companies to long-term care facilities experience explosive growth and an increased interest in their products and services. As these companies grow, they need to hire a large pool of staff to perform relatively boring and mundane tasks, including medical claims processing and data entry. That can take a pretty big toll both on the staff members themselves and on the budgets of medical businesses.

The Solution is to Choose MedValue

MedValue is one of the best medical billing companies for those businesses who are looking to outsource their functions to India. Our staff is actually highly knowledgeable, having been college educated. Their skills include a number of unique and proprietary software systems, meaning they require little training, if any, and can get started on medical claims processing as soon as a company requests their expertise.

Best of all, the staff in our operations center is well-versed in operating company services and medical billing needs, meaning efficiency will increase as overall costs go down. It's something that MedValue believes in strongly, and we make sure that each of our staff members understands the value of productivity, automation, and excellent accuracy in all that they do.

MedValue is Not the Typical Outsourcing Company

At MedValue, we understand that outsourcing can be a tough decision for companies to make. Some managers feel that they need to have control over the entire operation in order to ensure quality and accuracy. We help ease the transition to outsourced medical billing services. As one of the leading medical billing companies, we employ a client-centered approach that will keep healthcare companies informed and involved in the business. We make sure that everything we produce is accurate, high quality, and on time.

To learn more about the difference between MedValue and its nearest competitors, be sure to get in touch with us as soon as possible. The difference will be obvious -- from the sales process right through the delivery of the company's first documents and medical billing procedures. We stand by that difference, and we've made it a key part of our success.

MedValue Solutions
medical claims processing  MedValue Paper Claims to EDI Services
Simple and affordable, our Paper Claims to EDI service automates your front-end claims processing, cuts costs, eliminates the manual data entry, and improves accuracy.

MedValue Paper Claims to EDI Services

medical claims processing  MedValue Medical Billing Support Services
MedValue provides Large Physician Groups, Labs, Clinics, IPAs and Medical Billing Companies low-cost services such as Patient Demographic Entry, Encounter/Charge Entry, Payment Posting and more.

MedValue Medical Billing Support Services

medical claims processing  MedValue Member Paper EOB to 835 Service
MedValue assists large provider groups and hospitals with simplifying and automating their Payment Processing. MedValue converts your incoming paper EOBs to corresponding 835 transactions at very affordable cost.

MedValue Automated Payment Posting Services

medical claims processing  MedValue Member Enrollment Services
MedValue has experienced teams for specifically processing Enrollment forms. Our team accurately processes Enrollment forms for the health plans and enrolls the members in your system on a timely basis as per health plan guidelines.

MedValue Member Enrollment Services

medical claims processing  MedValue Authorizations Support Services
MedValue's Authorizations Support Services enables your departments to eliminate paper and populate their Claims Adjudication Systems with Authorization forms received without requiring manual data entry at their end.

MedValue Authorizations Support Services

medical claims processing  MedValue Claims Adjudication Services
MedValue Claims Adjudication services utilize claims professionals who are trained on multiple adjudication platforms and plan designs. Our Adjudicators have knowledge of medical terminology and are analytical problem solvers.

MedValue Claims Adjudication Services

medical claims processing  MedValue Document Management Services
MedValue DMS™ enables your team to scan and capture paper claims and their attachments with any scanning device and index, search, and retrieve all of your paper claims and their attachments within seconds. Secure and HIPAA compliant, MedValue DMS™ is a web-based hosted solution that provides your staff and management team complete access from any PC with an internet connection.

MedValue Document Management Services

medical claims processing  MedValue Provider Database Maintenance Services
MedValue Provider Database Maintenance Services accurately sets up new Providers, Provider Groups, and Facilities into your Claims Adjudication System.

MedValue Provider Database Maintenance Services