Medical Billing Services

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Our Medical Billing Services get you Paid MoreFaster and for a Lower Cost. Also included in our service is the #1 Web based Medical Billing Software, which is being used successfully by thousands of users and over 2250 providers for most specialties in over 40 states.

You will save 30-40% on your billing service costs.

Medical Billing Service

MedValue offers you lots of flexibility in the way you would like to buy our services. The three levels of services are designed to enable you to maintain control, reduce cost, and improve patient satisfaction.


  • Powerful Medical Group Automation service
  • Simplified Scheduling and Patient Registration
  • Claims Scrubbing to reduce Denials
  • Electronic Claims submission gets you paid faster
  • EMR-Lite included
  • Powerful Electronic super-bill and coding engine
  • More than 100 customizable reports
  • Billed on a flat monthly fee rather than a percentage of collections
  • No separate license fees for web based software


  • All services of MedValueBasic
  • Data Entry of Charges, posting of Payments from Paper EOBs
  • Submission of secondary claim submission
  • Eligibility Verification prior to appointments
  • Daily Claims Submission to most payers
  • Month end reconciliation and reports
  • Patient Statement submission services
  • Competitive flat monthly fee will save you 30-40% off the price of traditional billing services.


  • All services of MedValuePlus
  • Tracking of claims immediately on submission
  • Diligent follow up with Insurance Payers after 30 days of submission
  • AR Analysis to identify Underpayments and Denials
  • Monthly audits to identify patterns of denials and fix them before next month submission
  • Low percentage of collections fee will add to your bottom line.

Are your claims being submitted and paid in a timely manner?

Is your first submission denial rate under 5%?

Are your claims being scrubbed as per payers' rules prior to submission?

Is your cost of billing more than 5% of collections?

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Key Benefits

  • Electronic Submission
  • Faster Payments
  • Fewer Denials and Errors
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Patient Satisfaction
  • Web based ASP Solution
  • 100+ Custom Reports
  • No upfront hardware and software costs
  • Competitive pricing
  • Optional offshore enabled process can save you even more