MedValue provides reliable Individualized service for Health Plans, TPAs, MSOs, & Medicaid MCOs, in helping them fulfill their medical claims and medical billing processing  
data entry companies
data entry companies
What Makes MedValue Different?

MedValue is proud to be one of the leading data entry companies to healthcare operations in the United States. It's a position that we've achieved by being different than many of our competitors while offering the same services to medical professionals. When choosing MedValue, healthcare companies are choosing a leading provider of data entry, productivity, employee retention and job satisfaction. We pay attention to every single one of a business' needs, providing a holistic approach that has won us the long-term affection of our existing clients.

A Focus on the Customer Experience

Our clients are the core of our business; unlike many other companies, we provide individual attention to each of the clients that chooses our outsourcing services. That means we're able to respond to problems within a matter of hours rather than days, making us far more nimble than our nearest competitors. It also means that we pay attention to the satisfaction and productivity of our workers, ensuring that the job they're doing meets the expectations of each client we serve.

To that end, we employ a web-based Workflow Management system, paired with a Document Management System. In tandem, these two applications ensure that productivity levels remain high and quality levels never suffer as a result. Overall, this commitment to customer satisfaction has been shown to improve the morale of a healthcare company's employees, and even helps to retain them in their position better than our competitors could.

Compliance and Focus Dominate our Strategy

MedValue prides itself on being compliant with all HIPAA processes. That means that neither our staff or the staff of our client companies will have to worry about invading the privacy of patients or risking legal action because of it. In addition to our strict HIPAA enforcement, we've built our business in a way that follows all U.S. laws and regulations; we even provide our services only after a Business Associate Agreement has been signed between us and our client companies. Enforceable in U.S. court, this essential document allows our clients to hold us accountable for all that we promise and deliver.

At MedValue, we know that we've become one of the leading data entry companies only by adhering to U.S. laws and regulations, as well as the needs and requirements of our clients. Those two things guide our business and drive our success.


About Us

MedValue is a U.S. Corporation with offices in Chicago, Los Angeles and state of the art facilities in India. We help solve the unique challenges of our clients with our high quality, affordable onshore/offshore talent and proven technology.
data entry companies

Our customers get the attention, responsiveness, quality, compliance, rapid turnaround and care that you can expect from a top-tier U.S.-based company, and at the price of an offshore company.
data entry companies

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